Ayurvedic and vegan meal with chapati

Aloha from Hawaii!


I arrived here a few nights ago and it feels very good to be back.
Over the next few months, I will continue to study Ayurveda with my teacher here and improve my cooking skills, awareness in the kitchen and deepen my yoga practice. I am truly blessed to be able to carve out such a big amount of time to take on this opportunity. 

Earlier this year I shot a few cooking videos for you together with the talented Sebastian Fischhold. He's based in Hamburg and an absolute star.
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I often get the question if Ayurvedic food is vegan. I understand the concern, and it's great that so many people are becoming more conscious about where and how we source our food. 
Generally Ayurvedic food is vegetarian incorporating milk products from reliable sources.
The only animal product that I have regularly in my diet is ghee. It's also called clarified butter, and it just that, butter that has been cooked and purified to reduce the clogging effect it has on our bodies. Learn more here. 

For my health I need plenty of good quality oils in my diet, so do all of us today in our fast-paced society. Oils soothe our nervous system, lubricates our body from the inside out, and help us stay firmly grounded on the earth. Ghee is the most balanced and easily accessible oil and therefore I use it most of the time.

However, if you are eating a vegan diet other oils such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil can serve the same purpose. Make sure they're unrefined, organic and from a source that you trust. They have different qualities to them, some are heating and others cooling but ghee is the most balanced of them all.

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This meal is made vegan, but the oils can just as well be swapped out for ghee. 

Enjoy and mahalo!


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