About Lisa's consultations

I used to have a lot of problems with my digestive system. From just one consultation with Lisa I learned what works for me, and how to eat the right foods for my body type. Since my first consultation my wellbeing has improved tremendously! 
Ayurvedic consultations combine awareness of the body, diet, and lifestyle routine all in one. I now know who to call, no matter what the issue is. Lisa has a broad understanding of health and always seems to have the tools to support me in my wellbeing.
— Miabella Ristorp, London
I turned to Lisa after experiencing a women’s health issue and not recieving the support I needed from traditional doctors. In my one-hour skype consultation with Lisa, I was able to dig deeper into the problem and it gave me a lot of clarity about the cause of my problems, and not only the symptoms.
— Marion Joubert des Ouches, London
Eye-opening session.
— Zane Lewis, Brooklyn NY
Coming to Lisa for my first Ayurvedic consultation was a very good decision! I felt immediately at ease with her. She was patient, empathetic, warm, very thorough and has an obvious deep knowledge of her subject. The in-depth analysis of my health and habits meant that Lisa could provide insightful and practical solutions to balance my Vata Dosha. This improving my day to day vitality and addressed underlying health ‘niggles’. I have since incorporated her suggestions into my daily life and have seen improvements after just a short time. It’s interesting how in our busy lives we lose touch with the ability to hear what our bodies try to tell us.
My consultation has shown me that through taking practical steps and prioritizing health, positive changes can result.
— Jo Clayton, London
Lisa gave me guidance on how to be more balanced, conscious, and how to read my body’s signals a little better. I found her advice on grounding nutrition soothing and extremely helpful. 
After my lovely session with her I felt more at peace, more grounded, and was left with useful positive information.
— ANNA LUNDGAARD Lewis, Los angeles california

About Lisa's Cooking Workshops

I had the pleasure of meeting her and experiencing her gift of cooking. Her nurturing food was enjoyed by all and Lisa encouraged everyone partaking to assist in preparing the meal.. I thank her for her hospitality, patience and calm demeanor shown towards us and was fortunate enough to be part of her shared awareness with like-minded people.

May Lisa succeed with her future endeavors and trusting she will go from strength to strength.

About Lisa's Yoga classes

Lisa’s classes are great for improving my flexibility and balance and always leave me feeling relaxed for the rest of the day. Lisa demonstrates the postures clearly, is very encouraging, and makes helpful adjustments.
Lisa’s lifestyle is extremely inspiring and changed a lot in my life and mind set. I’ve always enjoyed yoga in many different ways. After my sessions with Lisa I’ve gotten a deeper understanding of how to take care of my body, and found out what yoga exercises I need.
I came to Lisa’s class because of her knowledge and dedication to yoga. Trough her travels and trainings she has made deep experiences in the activity as well as the adjacent culture. I felt supremely comfortable in the classes, there was never any pressure or sense of judgment of skill levels, and it was great to have a class run by a friend.
Everything was very tailored to the overall skill levels of the sessions. After the classes, I felt refreshed and exercised and much looser. As I work from a desk the classes has helped me and relieving my backpain.
I would definitely come back and recommend Lisa’s classes to anyone without hesitation!

About Lisa's ayurvedic oil treatments

Lisa is a highly skilled, thorough, and caring practitioner and teacher. I have experienced many of her treatments and have always left feeling more balanced, calmer and greatly relieved both physically and emotionally. From the Ayurvedic consultations to hands-on application, Lisa is amazing at pinpointing imbalances within the system and providing the support needed for restoration.
I loved my treatment with Lisa and can’t wait for my next. She brings a beautiful calm and warm energy and I was able to let myself relax deeply. I didn’t know much about ayurvedic massages before and Lisa was happy to explain anything I wanted to know.
I truly enjoyed my treatment with Lisa. We started with a consultation, where Lisa tuned in to the energy flow of my body at that time. Then once she had discovered my dosha she used a special blend of oils to suit me. I found the massage deeply relaxing, then towards the end, she blended the oils so I felt revitalized and renewed. I was very happy to recommend Lisa’s treatment to our clients at the studio.