Birthday (or christmas) cookies


Aloha from Hawaii!

It’s been a few interesting months here. I’ve done a candida cleanse, started my deepened studies in Ayurveda, helped at a chef training, cooked for immersion guests and grown one year older.

It was a very different experience to celebrate my birthday with a tropical fruit breakfast, fresh coconut cream and later in the week these delicious macadamia nut cookies.
(find them here)

I realized I haven’t shared my wintery version of these that I created last year for christmas. By using different spices, herbs, nuts and a variation of flower, you can make them taste different every time. Give it a go yourself and let me know how they turned out!

If cooking is approached with a fresh open mind, it can be an expanding experience.
Do your best to not recreate, but to create something new in the moment.