A pile of sweetness (and sweet potatoes)

So, with spring I finally arrived in Hamburg! 

I finally have a kitchen, at least for this month. A tight budget means loads of home cooking and sharing with you.

I will do my very best to feed you virtually! 
I'm also prepairing for my upcoming Ayurvedic Chef Training in June in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Kaua'i.

This is what I found in the kitchen today:

- Sweet potatoes
- A feta+ruccola+lambs lettice+cucumber+tomatoes salad
- Fresh ginger and turmeric
- Dried figs
- A bit of fresh cheese
- Soupy rice leftover from todays lunch (recipie here!)

And this is how too prepaire it: 
Serves 2
- Start by setting the oven temperature to 150' celsius. 

- Slice half a big sweet potato in long thin slices
- Chop up some ginger and turmeric in thin slices
- Cut the figs in smaller pieces

- In a big oven tray, place the sweet potato wedges, ginger, turmeric and figs.
- Add a little big of cheese on top of the figs (not exactly an ayurvedic way to combine, but when cooked it works alright for me). 
- Add some salt and spices of your choice. I used seasalt, fennel, coriander and fenugreek. 
- Spread about 1 Ts of Ghee over the tray. 

- Set your alarm to 15 min and let the tray cook.
- After 15 min, strirr your goodies.
- Depending on your oven, you might have to raise the temperature slightly. Be careful not to dry out your veggies too much. Sweet potato is delicious gooey also, and your stomach and body will thank you for the moisture! 
- Set your alarm to 5-10 min, follow your gut feeling.
- You can also throw in the salad here for the last few minutes so that all your food is at the same temperature. This way you also start the cooking process of the salad, and your stomach won't have to work so hard!

- When done add the soupy rice at the side and bottom of a bowl.
Top off with your veggies and enjoy!

The leftovers I popped in a food thermos right away.
I will enjoy them tomorrow for lunch at work, score! 


Loads of Love!
PS. Keep an look out for my videos! We're in the final stages of editing... DS.