A new year - new intentions

 The past weeks I have been challenged with keeping a healthy state of mind and diet.
Excessive traveling have put me out of balance and touch with myself,
and this has lead to poor choices when it comes to eating.
When I'm tired, dried out and spacey, (that's the excess Vata speaking!) all I crave is sugar and crisps 🇬🇧 (chips for the rest of the world).
It makes my symptoms worse and I get even more imbalanced.
This cycle is SO hard to break.
The physical body, emotional state and spirit are all connected in my experience. Basically I turn into a slightly less great version of myself. (Sorry Errol!) On top of it I'm judging myself for it. 

How can I love others when I don't treat myself with love and kindness? 

During my flight over to Bremen tonight I listened to this podcast with my teachers Myra and Kelsey. (https://goo.gl/luFLEy). Myra guides us trough a meditation to help set clear intentions and discuss how and why this is important. The whole podcast really gave me perspective! Sometimes all you need is just a gentle little reminder...

My intentions are to stay focused and clear with what I want. Disciplined in a gentle loving way, step by step towards a state I would like to stay in. 
I want to give every individual I come in contact with my full attention.
I am honest with what I'm feeling,
and pay attention to when I have taken on someone else's feeling. 
I use the tools that I have to manage my energy,
and take responisibility for my actions.

The extremely windy and choppy flight landing tonight, 
et to symbolize my bumpy ride towards new intentions, and healthy habits! 

I'll start my new Monkey year now, like the Chinese 🐵

 Olga, my travel buddy and friend in Munnar, India 2015. 

Olga, my travel buddy and friend in Munnar, India 2015.