What to expect at an Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurveda offers us unique tools to gently guide us to lasting wellbeing and balance. 
Through your wellness questionnaire I can first start to understand your past and current state of health and understand what you need. 
A conversation over Skype or in person will move us deeper, and guide us to take appropriate action to balance your health. 
If we can meet in person I will also pulse reading. 

I will provide you with guidelines that will help you stay balanced and prevent illness in the long term, not just address the symptoms  you are having at the moment. 
With the use of Ayurveda I will guide you in many different areas including how and what to eat, your lifestyle, yoga practices, establishing a dinacharya (daily routine) and much more that is sustainable. 
Just as every person is different, consultations and guidelines will be uniquely tailored for you. 

Once you purchased your consultation below, I will get in touch to schedule an appointment. 
If you would like to know more before booking, do not hesitate to
get in touch with questions here 
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Initial consultations takes up to 90 min.

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Follow up consultation - 60 minutes
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Follow up consultation - 30 minutes
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Ayurvedic bodywork therapies


Ayurvedic treatments are much more than mere a physical treatment. They balance the whole system on all levels,
not just physically and the effect often linger for days. 

Abhyanga Treatment
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Ayurvedic Facelift
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Other bookings and workshops



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